"THE BREAK EVENS have returned with a free digital download single! Woo-hoo! It has been three years since they released “win if you can…”, and their long awaited follow up comes in the form of two songs. The “A side” (can I call it that when it is a digital download? Well I am), “CRAZY EYES”, sung by Mark Parker, sounds like the type of garage rock song that could have been done years ago, and yet does not in anyway sound dated. It rocks! As does their “B side”, a cover of the instrumental song, “PIPELINE”, originally done by the Chantays (but covered many times over the years). Big riffs, big fun!" 

Crazy Eyes (Cover)

A slight peek into The Break Even’s NJCU session. What you are hearing is a snippet of a rough mix of new song entitled “Crazy Eyes” . Actual mix (and obviously, the full song) coming soon.