Here’s the new digital single, “Drowning In The Middle”. Available for free (with a B-side, no less).

Don’t Bury Us, We’re Not Even Yet.

We recorded two new songs in three hours on Tuesday night. All that’s left to be done is a backing vocal or two, and the mix.

We’ve come to realization that this type of old school 50’s and 60’s style of “get in and knock out two or three songs in three hours” sort of thing works for us. Schedules and money are tight, but given a short window and the desire to be productive we can (and do) get shit done. We jam econo.

I expect we will be doing some more songs (we have plenty) sooner, under this circumstance, instead of later. Once they are done, they’ll go right up on our bandcamp page for you to get a hold of. Content is king, why wait a year (or several) for a whole album?

Also, we are playing a rare live gig next month. Buddies Tavern (aka The Flying Horse of all places). With The Extras, Inc. and Lost Romance. We’re gonna be great. You should be, too.