We’ve called it a day. Thanks for listening.

Set List For Elks Lodge, Linden NJ 8-4-13

  1. Spy House
  2. God’s Little Jokes
  3. Merry Go Wrong
  4. Rebel Kind (The Modernettes, by way of Alejandro Escovedo)
  5. Drowning In The Middle
  6. This Way Out
  7. Circle Fits The Square
  8. My Valuable Hunting Knife (Guided By Voices)
  9. Crazy Eyes
  10. Fence
  11. Rawhide (Link Wray)

(Thanks to Ali from The Stripped Down Aces for the pic.)

Our only show of the summer. Rock with us, people.

Only Show Of The Summer!

Sunday, August 4th.

At the Elks Lodge, Linden, NJ.

Details to follow.

Keep calm and carry on.

Setlist for Buddies Tavern 5-11-13

Setlist for Buddies Tavern, Parlin, NJ 5-11-13

1) Spy House

2) Highland Street

3) Crazy Eyes

4) Drowning In The Middle

5) This Way Out

6) Rebel Kind (The Modernettes, by way of True Believers)

7) God’s Little Jokes

8) Fence

9) Merry Go Wrong

10) Circle Fits The Square

11) Pictures Of Your Room

12) Pipeline (The Chantays, by way of Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers)

Thanks for the pic, Pete.

We gonna play a gig tomorrow. Who knows when we will play another one. So check this one out.

Tomorrow evening we’re going to play a rare live gig.

The show gets going at 9pm with Lost Romance.

We’re on at 10pm. 12 songs, people.

The Extras, Inc. on at 11pm. They’re the best thing on this coast.

It’s free. Also there is cheap food and booze.

The gentleman who put this evening together, Lazlo, will be celebrating his birthday. Wave hello at him.

The location is Buddies Tavern is at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin NJ. It’s pretty much Sayreville.

Also, go to thebreakevens.bandcamp.com to download (for free) our new single. Two songs by Mark. Drowning In The Middle.

Spring Fling (Yeah, we’re playing a gig).

The Break Evens are playing a gig.

It looks like we are adhering to a seasonal schedule.

Winter was covered by our January gig on 88.7 WRSU radio.

Our Spring Fling is going to be on Saturday, May 11th.

at Buddies Tavern (where else, really?). 277 Johnson’s Lane, Parlin NJ.

With New Jersey’s finest: The Extras, Inc.

Also with a band I’m not familiar with: Lost Romance.

It’s free. Cheap food and drinks. 9PM is when this thing goes down.

Come get weird with some other middle-aged malcontents.

I’m sure we will play the new single. It’s snazzy. Like a leopard
wearing a diamond encrusted gold chain (i.e. its quick and priceless).


Singles Going Sensibly

Yes, we promised a full record a little ways back. Or a lot of ways back.

The material is there. The time and money is not. A ragin’, full-on studio recording, it seems was not in the cards. So what do we do? We improvise. We attempted a recording session at one homestead, with mixed results. We tossed around a few ideas. Long story short, we decided to try to complete two songs in a different environment, with a different goal. Let’s cut a single in the classic rock and roll sense. Let’s get together and do a three hour session, in order to yield an A-side/B-side type of combo. Much like Brian Wilson, Phil Spector, Stax, and Motown did in the days gone by. If we can only get together for a couple of hours here or there, let’s make the most of it. We can work quite effectively and efficiently if we are all in the same room together.

So it brings us to this: the intent is to do frequent singles. This seems like a feasible thing to accomplish. Maybe collect ‘em all for a cd or something further on down the road. Smaller but achievable goals are the plan, considering the many other things going on in our lives.

So here you have it, the new single:

A-side: Drowning In The Middle

B-Side: God’s Little Jokes

Both tunes were written by Mark. More often than not, whoever sings it wrote it. TBE produced the tunes, I engineered them. Mel came up with the cover concept, I took the pic to make it a reality.

I hope you dig it.

Also, we have our first gig of this season coming up on Saturday, May 11th at Buddies Tavern, Parlin, NJ (aka The Flying Horse of all places). With the Extras, Inc. and Lost Romance. It’s gonna be like Husker Du’s “Land Speed Record”, only 1/3rd of the speed.




Here’s the new digital single, “Drowning In The Middle”. Available for free (with a B-side, no less).

Don’t Bury Us, We’re Not Even Yet.

We recorded two new songs in three hours on Tuesday night. All that’s left to be done is a backing vocal or two, and the mix.

We’ve come to realization that this type of old school 50’s and 60’s style of “get in and knock out two or three songs in three hours” sort of thing works for us. Schedules and money are tight, but given a short window and the desire to be productive we can (and do) get shit done. We jam econo.

I expect we will be doing some more songs (we have plenty) sooner, under this circumstance, instead of later. Once they are done, they’ll go right up on our bandcamp page for you to get a hold of. Content is king, why wait a year (or several) for a whole album?

Also, we are playing a rare live gig next month. Buddies Tavern (aka The Flying Horse of all places). With The Extras, Inc. and Lost Romance. We’re gonna be great. You should be, too.